Our Doctor
Thomas Arnold, R.N.,D.C.

Dr. Arnold has been in the medical field for the past 40 years in many different areas. He began his career path as a paramedic and then decided to take a new turn in his medical career and went back to school to become a nurse. After completing many years as a intravenous therapy nurse, orthopedic nurse, and an emergency room nurse supervisor, Dr. Arnold pursued his career as a chiropractor. He completed his chiropractic doctorate at Life Chiropractic College and opening his very own practice in Marion, Indiana. Since then, Dr. Arnold has held many educational job titles including an anatomy and physiology instructor at Ivy Tech and Taylor University, an electrocardiogram instructor at Indiana Vocational College. He also added certified clinician in whole food nutrition to his resume as well and has applied it in his office.

When Dr. Arnold is not working, he enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, and obtaining new information to apply to his practice. Dr. Arnold appreciates his existing patients and thoroughly enjoys meeting new people and educating them to live their healthiest lives. Stop in and meet Dr. Arnold today!

Our Practice


Arnold Chiropractic PC is located on the South side of Marion, Indiana, just off the bypass. Dr. Arnold's practice has a focus on Chiropractic with a nutritional base. Arnold Chiropractic offers chiropractic and nutritional guidance for those who need it. With many therapy options on the chiropractic side and nutritional plans on the other, Arnold Chiropractic allows for many needs to be fulfilled in one sitting.


Reviews from our patients:

"I was living with constant burning/throbbing pain in my lower back and pain in between my shoulder blades and after 1 visit I felt relief. Almost one year of constant pain... All my energy went to the pain. I'm not 100% yet, but I feel so much better."

-Brittney Skinner


I was having severe low back pain approximately 20 yrs ago, I went to see Dr. Arnold. He first did x-rays. Next appointment, he went over the x-rays then asking me if I had had something traumatic happen to me. I told him I had a head-on collision 20 yrs prior. I couldn't believe what he was saying realizing he could tell I was in real pain for a reason. My disc had been jammed together which was causing all the pain all those yrs. He helped me get through 3 1/2 yrs until I had to have a fusion in the low lumbar. I started having pain again in 3 yrs. I went back to Dr Arnold. The surgery caused the back to loose flexibility, causing more pain. He has helped me to be able to move & function since.

-Judy Needler



This is my story.


 I have battled digestive issues for years. I came to the place in my life that I would need to accept this "thorn" in my side.

I came to Dr. Arnold to have my lower back worked on ... not for digestive issues. 

I was asked to fill out my history and such and so I did that. Upon talking to him about all of it .. we got on the subject of my digestive issues.

I told him I was at the point knowing I would be on medicine for some time for this problem ... and trust me ... it was a real problem.

I told him my husband would tell me that food rents space in my stomach for 15 minutes and then I would be in the restroom.

He began to talk about supplements that were produced by nature ... not synthetic stuff I would buy over the counter.  Natural things that God created. I was at the point where I thought "This sounds too good to be true" but I also knew I needed relief so I bought them, took the required amount and waited.

In the back of my mind, I really wasn't expecting too much. I told my husband about this concept and he wasn't really buying into the idea ...



we finished eating our dinner and I waited ...

15 minutes passed .. nothing.  1 hour  ...nothing.   4 hours passed.  still nothing.

I knew then I was on to something. My husband couldn't believe it.

I am  in amazement. I feel so much better.

Thank You Dr. Arnold for caring for your patients enough to tell them about these natural products.

-Beth Layton