What Makes Arnold Chiropractic Different?

What makes us so different from other chiropractic offices? We offer more than just chiropractic care! In our office, we have a multitude of products and services. Need custom made orthotics? Want whole food supplements? How about getting x-rays, lab work, and a consult all in one setting? All you have to do is ask for more options!

At Arnold Chiropractic, we offer three different chiropractic techniques, seven different physical modalities, nutrition education, nutrition exams, whole food supplements, orthotics and more. Just ask about our other miscellaneous items you may find in out office! You can also visit the "Our Services" tab for more details.

Our doctor also makes your experience unique here. Did you know Dr. Arnold is a paramedic, nurse, clinical nutritionist, and a doctor? He isn't just proficient in chiropractics but in all different areas of health. If you come in thinking you have a back issue, he may find that the underlining issue is actually with your feet. He looks at the whole picture and not a specific area. You get a well rounded visit because he truly cares about your over all  health.